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America’s Got Talent Winners

Welcome to the world’s most comprehensive list of America’s Got Talent Winners. Here we take a detailed look back at all the previous winners of America’s Got Talent, as well as who the runners-up were, video highlights including the winners’ performances from auditions and finales, information on each winner from both before and after they appeared on America’s Got Talent, facts about previous and upcoming seasons, and more.

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Below you will find the complete list of America’s Got Talent winners from the first 6 seasons of the hit NBC show. You can access more detailed information on each of the previous winners including video highlights from the show, career accomplishments such as albums they have released or other well known appearances they have made, by visiting their individual page. In addition to the America’s Got Talent winners we also have information on the upcoming 2012 season including the Americas Got Talent judges.


So without further adieu, here are all your previous winners of America’s Got Talent…

America’s Got Talent Winners

America’s Got Talent Season 1 (2006) Winner: Bianca Ryan

bianca ryan


Born: September 1, 1994. From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Talent: Singer,  Musician

Bianca Ryan was only 11 years old when she became the first ever winner of America’s Got Talent. She impressed the shows producer Simon Cowell so much that he said she is “potentially one of the best singers I have ever heard in my life”. She displayed her talent by singing songs ranging from show tunes to Janis Joplin.


America’s Got Talent Season 2 (2007) Winner: Terry Fator

terry fator


Born: June 10, 1965. From Dallas, Texas.

Talent: Ventriloquist, Impressionist, Comedian, Singer

Terry Fator had almost given up on his career before surprising himself by winning the second season of America’s Got Talent. As a ventriloquist he does over 100 impersonations and uses 16 different puppets. Following the show he signed a headliner deal with The Mirage Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.


America’s Got Talent Season 3 (2008) Winner: Neal E. Boyd

neal e boyd


Born: November 18, 1975. From Sikeston, Missouri.

Talent: Opera Singer

Before appearing on America’s Got Talent, Boyd was known to sing at many state events, earning the nickname “The Voice of Missouri”. He put out one album after the show and now owns an insurance company in his home state. He is also involved in politics and plans on running for public office in Missouri in  2014.


America’s Got Talent Season 4 (2009) Winner: Kevin Skinner

kevin skinner


Born: February 25, 1974. From Mayfield, Kentucky.

Talent: Country Singer

The former chicken catcher at a poultry farm surprised and charmed the judges and audience with renditions including Garth Brooks, Bob Dylan and Aerosmith. He has performed in various country music festivals and released his debut album in 2010 entitled “Long Ride”, which did not make it on the Billboard Top 200.


America’s Got Talent Season 5 (2010) Winner: Michael Grimm

michael grimm


Born: December 30, 1979. From Waveland, Mississippi.

Talent: Singer / Songwriter

Michael was born in Fort Collins, Colorado and raised by his grandparents in Mississippi. He had been performing at Las Vegas casinos for 11 years prior to appearing on AGT. Since winning the show he has opened on tour for Stevie Nicks and released a self-titled album in May of 2022 which peaked at #13 on the Billboard Top 200.


America’s Got Talent Season 6 (2011) Winner: Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr.

landau eugene murphy jr


Born: August 11, 1974. From Logan County, West Virginia

Talent: Jazz Singer

Homeless at the age of 19, this former car washer made a name for himself on America’s Got talent by performing songs by the likes of Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra. His first album entitled “That’s Life” debuted at # 34 on the Billboard Top 200, and he began performing as a headline act in Las Vegas in October of 2011.


America’s Got Talent Winners: Who’s Next?

The search for the next America’s Got Talent winner is already underway. It began with auditions across the country beginning in October of 2011 and wrapping up in February of 2012. Audition cities for this years show include New York City, St. Louis, Washington D.C., Tampa, Anaheim, Austin, Charlotte and San Francisco. The show is scheduled to begin airing in the summer of 2012 on NBC.

There will be a few changes to the next version of the show including new theme music, a larger live audience, and Howard Stern replacing Piers Morgan as one of the judges.

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